Ada Trillo is an interdisciplinary artist who primarily focuses on documentary photography.  Her work is included in the Philadelphia Museum of Art's permanent collection.  Having grown-up in Juarez, Mexico, she is deeply troubled by the social problems affecting women of the border towns. An example of Trillo’s work is a photo documentary exposé of low-cost sex workers in Mexico. The series includes a collection of photos taken in the brothels there, deglamorizing prostitution and showing the dehumanizing conditions of their work. Trillo’s photographs have been featured in several major press outlets -  and was recently selected Best Series in the Black and White International Awards.  She studied in Italy and Philadelphia, and her work has been shown in solo, and group exhibitions. Trillo lectures at conferences and universities, regarding women’s issues and human trafficking.  

Ada is currently working on a photo documentary that explores and exposes the dangers, injustice and violations to human rights that imigrants face wile crossing the border and being deported within the USA and Mexico.  This is an important and pressing topic that should be wrestled with and Trillo, with the help of the Leeway Foundation, has decided to shoulder that responsibility by making it the focus of her next major project.

"I am currently working on a project throughout Mexico and the US to document the terrors of deportation. Everyday members of our local communities- parents, students, and employees - are being detained and deported in violation of their civil liberties and rights.  This also includes many Dreamers. These people, immigrants full of hope and opportunity, are just like the rest of U.S citizens who seek to better their lives and the lives of their families. They entered the United States primarily because of pull factors. Many Americans employers put out a call for cheap workers and people with desperate need take the job. As a result, without a sound immigrant policy, many immigrants have been caught in a no-win and unjust situation. I plan to document sanctuaries for deported workers on the Mexican border that serve as a refuge to those who have been deported.  I also intend to photograph in the United States, and document with audio, the stories of the undocumented that have been deported and struggled to return to be with their families I want to show the face of deportation, what hope looks like and what the loss of hope looks like. I want to show different facets - those that have just arrived as well as those that have left. I want to show where they are taking those that have been deported. These are the faces of deportation under a failed immigration policy. The Trump administration’s proposed changes to the laws concerning immigration have brought to light issues concerning deportation. From his generalizations to his attacks on the Dreamer’s act and sanctuary cities, the President has targeted immigrants of color."  - Ada Trillo

"Ada Luisa Trillo has an eye that pulls you into the world of the searing despair and indelible humanity of her subjects." - Huffington Post

Ada Trillo was awarded the Freedom Ambassador: Silver Prize in the Passion For Freedom art contest based in London.