As Trump marches on with border demands, a Philly photographer’s view of the migrant caravan stuck in Mexico | Helen Ubiñas

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Ada Trillo awarded the Silver Star Award for Editorial: Documentary Photography at ND Awards.

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F-Stop Photography Magazine

Issue #92 December 2018 - January 2019

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Ada Trillo awarded the Silver Prize in the Passion For Freedom art contest based in London.


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Entdeckungen des Jahres - Ada Trillo, Manfred Zöllner


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Ada Trillo's work is being featured in the May 2018 issue of the German magazine, PHOTONEWS.  Thank you, Anna Grip, for including my work in your publication.


The Candid Frame

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Huffington Post

Ada Luisa Trillo has an eye that pulls you into the world of the searing despair and indelible humanity of her subjects. Her photographs on the walls of the Twenty-Two Gallery in Philadelphia are haunting.


CBS Philly

Trillo photographed the women over 3 years, shooting more than 4,000 pictures before getting the final.  “You have to be so careful in selecting the pose,” she said. “That it’s not only a good picture, but also that it’s not pornographic or degrading of the girl.”


Philadelphia Weekly

Many artists deploy photography for commentary on a variety of issues in society. Its intent is to provoke a response and, frequently, its two most common subject matters are poverty and labor. Trillo’s exhibition does both.



Photographed in the brothels of Juarez, Mexico, Trillo captures the adversity these women must overcome in their daily lives, giving context and an identity to the prostitutes. With this exhibition, she is raising awareness about this global issue and inviting you to be part of the solution.



Born on the American/Mexican border, Trillo lives and works in Philadelphia and frequently travels to Mexico and Europe for inspiration while continuing to develop as an artist with classes in painting and photography at PAFA and the University of the Arts. She has been featured in solo, two-person and group exhibitions and is represented by RASCO Fine Arts and Twenty-Two Gallery in Philadelphia.

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 13th, 6 - 9PM. Twenty-Two Gallery announced today the opening of a new photography exhibition dedicated to documenting the exploitation of women in the prostitution industry. The series, entitled "How did I get Here?," is meant to depict and problematize the adversity these women must overcome in their daily lives.


Broad Street Review

You can sense as much fear in Trillo’s tremulous, tactile work as you do its stateliness, looking at the naked, sculptural bodies. Some are skeletally thin, such as “Alexis"; some are fleshy and stretched, like “Coco.” Most have taut, tanned faces hardened by dehumanizing work, soul-sucking poverty, the woozy grip of drugs, or all three. 


Al Dia News

After studying photography at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia Trillo wanted to photograph immigration along the borderlands from Mexico in North America, but found it too risky for those involved in crossing. While at a church in Juarez she met a maid they called Luli. Luli shared with Trillo that she was a former prostitute and offered to take her to visit the brothels in an effort to bring more awareness to the plight of the young women there.


Telemundo 51

El trabajo, de tres años, se ve representado en retratos de éstas en un afán por relatar sus respectivas historias. La misión de la fotógrafa es ayudar a las víctimas de trata humana atrayendo donaciones y concienciando sobre la problemática. Aquí parte de la muestra expuesta en la galería “Twenty Two” en Filadelfia hasta el seis de agosto.