My current series of photographs focuses on the global issues involving the sex trade industry. Wanting to bring awareness to the ravages inflicted on women, I began documenting the workers in the brothels of my hometown, Juarez, Mexico. Over the course of three years, I tried to photograph the same women—it was difficult to witness their bodies deteriorate due to drug use, mostly heroin, and to learn that two young women I had been documenting had been killed. The images are intended to be as stark and moving as the lives of the women portrayed, exposing an unpleasant reality that needs to be exposed and addressed. The experience has been humbling. My hope is that the work will make an impact on viewers, moving them to action and making a difference for the women in Juarez and in the sex trade industry the world over. 


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Note:  Due to the graphic nature of the subject I've chosen to bring awareness to, the majority of the images for this project will only be shared and viewed in gallery exhibitions or by members of the art community.