For months, a caravan of migrant families has been traveling through Mexico with the hopes of finding refuge from unsafe conditions in Honduras. In the three weeks that Ada Luisa Trillo spent following the caravan through Mexico, she documented everything from fear and desperation to determination and faith. (Video by Raishad M.

The Faces of Refugee Children: The Migrant Caravan

The Faces of Refugee Children.  “A child is a child.”  Having grown up on the Mexican side of the United States border, my work often comments on Mexican-American relations.  This project focuses on the children of the Migrant Caravan.  I initially began working on a project documenting the caravan of thousands of Latin American families that are marching through Mexico to the U.S. border in search of a better life, free from gang violence and extreme poverty.  Along the way, however, I was deeply troubled by how many children were actually in the Caravan and the conditions they are suffering in alongside their parents.  This project is to bring consciousness to the fact that these children are refugees.  They are not there by choice and we need to be aware, as human beings, that these children should not be made to suffer from circumstances outside their control.  There were an estimated 2,300 children traveling with the Migrant Caravan.  As a result of low water rations, many of the nursing mothers are finding their breastmilk has begun to dry up and their infants are lacking the proper nutrition as the shelters struggle to keep up with food and formula demands.  This is no longer about politics and who enters or leaves the United States, this has become about something far more dire and urgent.  Children are suffering and we need to start thinking about what we can do to help them right now.  Bringing awareness to a reality that is no longer being covered by the news is important, so that others can be made aware and lend their efforts to the cause. - Ada Trillo